Xbox 720 Games That Could Propel a Successful Launch

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts

One third party game that brings in the most sales for the Xbox 360, is Activision’s Call of Duty games. With the DLC exclusivity that they have received this generation, most fans would prefer to get the next Call of Duty game on the Xbox 720, rather than the PlayStation 4 or PC. If Ghosts somehow makes it on the Xbox 720’s launch, millions of fans will most likely pick it up on the platform.

Something good from Rare?

Kameo - Xbox 720

Ever since Rare was acquired by Microsoft, we’ve seen a lot of unimpressive titles from them. While their port of Conker’s Fur Day was quite enjoyable, just about everything after has not been up to the same standards people expect from Rare. Naturally with rumors of a new Killer Instinct being in development, this would certainly get the attention of many. This also might be the right time to revive the Conker series, as it certainly suits the Xbox fan base. Only time will tell if Rare will get that chance, although giving them one would be anything but bad.

Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 - Xbox 720

We know that Bethesda and Microsoft have a strong relationship at the moment, especially with all the timed exclusive DLC we’ve seen in the past few years. With the team behind Skyrim moving on to other projects, it could be possible that the next Fallout game is on the horizon. Releasing it this year is entirely possible, but we’ll have to wait and see what this years E3 has to offer. Will it be possible that Bethesda will give some exclusivity to Microsoft again? Most likely!


Elder Scrolls Online - Xbox 720

When PS4 was unveiled, everyone was shocked with the partnership between Blizzard with Sony. Since MMOs are slowly crawling their way on to consoles, it’s possible that the Xbox 720 might get one too. One MMO that I think we could possibly see being ported on the Xbox 720, is Elder Scrolls Online. The relationship between Bethesda and Microsoft has always been good (as mentioned above) and releasing the MMO on the Xbox 720, aside from PC would be a very wise choice. Is it unlikely? Somewhat but miracles do happen.

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