Lego City Undercover – Character / Item Unlock Codes

Lego City Undercover

While there is plenty of things to do in the world of Lego City Undercover, there are also a number of codes you can enter to unlock additional items. Since these codes can unlock some pretty cool things, we’ve made a quick list of codes for Lego City Undercover.

How to Enter a Code

To enter a code in Lego City Undercover, simply head to the extras menu and you should see an option to enter a code. Once you find this option, simply enter one of the codes found below to unlock the item in question.


  • 3D74QF9 – Bonus Missions
  • N7NN4F9 – High Speed Chase Missions / Vehicles
  • 3GCC7XR – Justice and red sports car
  • VZHHDM – Relocator Vehicle
  • DWJVCT – Drakonas Vehicle
  • CNCNRH – Female singer
  • GYSTQP – Werewolf
  • SYFMWJ – Soccer player
  • RJYZHC – Samurai
  • YCMWKP – Baseball Player
  • XKGZVJ – Gorilla suit
  • HVGTPG – Kunoichi
  • MHHRHM – Race car driver
  • MRPHVQ – Karate Guy
  • CQSZBJ – Alien Costume

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  1. Kgg
    August 7, 2013, 2:06 PM

    Theres only 6 slots for codes

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