Gears of War Judgment – How to unlock the ‘Aftermath’ Campaign

Gears of War Judgment Aftermath

One of the added bonuses that Gears of War fans should look forward to in Judgment is the inclusion of the ‘Aftermath’ campaign. At the very beginning, you will not be able to access the campaign right away as you will need to do something in the main campaign before it gets unlocked.

With the new style that Epic Games and People Can Fly introduced in their main campaign, players will be able to get stars for every section they clear. The stars that they can achieve can be up to three per section. The team’s performance as they tackle the mission will fill up the star meter in the upper left corner. Once you finish the section and decide to go to the next, your final stars will be calculated.

Now, to get gain access to the ‘Aftermath’ campaign, players will need to collect ’40 Stars’.

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  1. River
    April 18, 2013, 3:35 AM

    do you unlock stars in the aftermath campaign?

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