Rumor: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Has a 5 Hour Campaign

Thanks to a image posted on Gamefaqs earlier today, it seems someone has already beat Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and did so in only 5 hours and 34 minutes.Before you get too worried, the stats seem to indicate the player was rushing to the end, so this could be something of a speed run. By the same token the stats could indicate the person playing wasn’t good at Revengeance, which might mean the game can be completed much faster.

Honestly this shouldn’t come as a surprise to most, since Platinum Games isn’t known for making long games. Madworld could be conquered in an hour or two, Bayonetta gave you a bonus for doing it under three hours, Vanquish was also about five hours and Anarchy Reign’s could be done in less than three hours. Obviously this time also doesn’t account for the VR missions (Sony gets an additional 30) or any of the side objectives in Revengeance, so you should still be able to get your moneys worth.



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  1. frozenpswi60guy
    February 12, 2013, 4:00 AM

    I will happily fork over $60 for this amazing game! Hell, I would pay for the demo! Maybe I am just a Platinum games fanboy but in my eyes they can absolutely do no wrong! Vanquish, Madworld, Bayonetta, Anarchy Reigns, Madworld and the under appreciated Infinite space, all amazing games! I really really hope they will one day get the chance to buy the rights to Darksiders! Can you imagine the awesomeness that would be emanating from a Platinum games developed Darksiders!!? Besides Crytek could care less about the franchise. The could just give it to Platinum. Lol

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