Dead Space 3 Cheats & Secrets – Unlimited Resource Farming

Dead Space 3 Cheats

Remember how you could have unlimited credits in Dead Space 2 by exploiting a glitch in the shop? Well there’s another glitch in Dead Space 3, but this time it allows you to farm resources that you can use for weapon upgrades.

If you are saddened by the micro-transactions that EA wanted to push in Dead Space 3, you can exploit it by doing the unlimited resource. To get started, you must be near the end of Chapter 8 and when you reach the area where you enter a shack with bunk beds and power generators around, look for the item on the ground. The item that you will pick up will be random and varies from resources to health items. Leave the room and come back in to see the item on the ground respawned again.

You can keep on doing this as many times as you want.

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