Mass Effect 3: Commander Shepard’s Bonus Powers Guide

Regardless on what character class you picked for Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3, there is one power that you can get for Shepard that can be used in his battle against the Reapers.

In Mass Effect 3, there are roughly over five bonus powers that you can teach Shepard regardless if you’re a soldier, vanguard or a biotic. Based on your relationship with the characters in your squad, you will have an opportunity to learn their powers. By going to the Med Bay in the Normandy, there’s a console there where you can purchase the abilities that you learned from your squad. Once you buy a power, you can then use skill points to level them up.

Here are the list of powers that are available for you to have:

Bonus Powers

– If you have the Prothean in your squad, use him a few times and his ability, “Slam” will be available for purchase. Those who doesn’t have him, look for a squad member that has this ability.

– James is among the characters in your squad that can teach you this power. You can have his ability when you talk to him at the Cargo deck.

– Following the attack of Cerberus in the Citadel, go talk to James in the Normandy to learn Carnage.

Inferno Grenade
– When Kaidan or Ashley joins you permanently, you can then talk to them to get the power.

Defense Matrix
– Keep talking to EDI after a big mission and check the Med Bay.

Energy Drain
– As soon as you recruited Tali, go talk to her on the Normandy and she’ll teach you the power.

Warp Ammo
– Liara is the character in charge of the Warp Ammo. Make a bond with her and talk to her a few times to learn the Warp Ammo power.

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