Batman: Arkham City Glitch Corrupting Save Files

Batman: Arkham City Glitch Corrupting Save Files

Life as a mature, responsible, adult gamer is hard. We usually work one or two jobs to support our families, have very limited disposable income, and even less time to play our video games. Many of us can only afford to buy and spend time with one game every holiday season because we have kids to think about. So when we pump a good 30 to 40 hours into a game only to have the game’s save file get corrupted or simply deleted, well let’s just say there is no level to the rage that ensues.

It would seem that this is actually the case with many gamers regarding Batman: Arkham City. The game’s official forums has a (now closed) 21 page thread with dozens of users complaining about save files suddenly dissapearing. Some of the speculation leads us to think that the catwoman DLC might be the culperit, while others feel that it is user error such as turning off the console while the game is autosaving that is causing these files to disappear.

Warner Bros. has announced that they are currently working on a fix for the issue but could not offer an ETA at this point. They have also put up a thread requesting specific information in order to help them expidite their research into finding a solution to this seemingly widespread issue. Have any of you ever lost a save file? Give us some of your best stories in the comments below.

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