Dark Souls: Special Boss “Souls” Usage

Similar to Demon’s Souls, certain bosses in Dark Souls will drop special souls that you can use for two things; convert it to regular souls or make a unique weapon.

In Dark Souls, there are a total of nine special bosses. As mentioned above, each of the special bosses will give you some kind of advantage if used correctly. If you want to have a unique weapon, then convert the soul with a Blacksmith rather than converting it to a regular soul.

To help you to decide on this, here are the stats of the nine special boss souls. If you were to ask me, I would convert the boss souls into a divine weapon.

Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly

Souls: 1200
Dropped By: Moonlight Butterfly of Darkroot Garden
Unique Weapon: Moonlight Butterfly Horn or Crystal Ring Shield

Soul of Queelag

Souls: 8000
Dropped By: Queelag of Queelag’s Domain
Unique Weapon: Queelag’s Furysword or Chaos Blade

Core of an Iron Golem

Souls: 12000
Dropped By: Iron Golem
Unique Weapon: Golem Axe or Dragon Bone Fist

Soul of Ornstein

Souls: 12000
Dropped By: Dragon Slayer Ornstein
Unique Weapon: Dragon-Slayer Spear

Soul of Smough

Souls: 12000
Dropped By: Executioner Smough
Unique Weapon: Smough’s Hammer

Soul of Sif

Souls: 16000
Dropped By: Sif, the Wolf
Unique Weapon: Greatsword of Artois or Greatshield of Artois

Soul of Gwyndolin

Souls: 40000
Dropped By: Gwyndolin
Unique Weapon: Dark Moon Bow or Tin Darkmoon Catalyst

Soul of Priscilla

Souls: 40000
Dropped By: Priscilla the Crossbreed
Unique Weapon: Lifehunt Scythe

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  1. Shia Kahn
    October 12, 2011, 6:33 AM

    Hey, just wondering, how do you actually convert these to the weapon form?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, I do not actually have the game yet… I’m picking it up in a week or two, when there are some pre-owned copies floating about (from all the rage quit Xbox fanboys ;) )


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  2. Sonn
    October 13, 2011, 8:42 PM

    You need to upgrade a normal weapon to +10, then the +10 weapon is brought to the Giant blacksmith in Anor londo.

    Btw, your preo-own idea is great, but won’t it only be about 5 bucks cheaper (from my experience).

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