SOCOM 4 – Intel Locations Guide

Similar to Modern Warfare 2, SOCOM 4 has a set of Intels that players can pick up and earn that Trophy for collecting them all throughout the game’s main campaign mode.

In SOCOM 4, there are over 30 intels that players can collect. Each of the mission has three intels and in order for player to successfully find them all, they must search every corner of the battefield. For those who are frustrated due to the downtime of the PSN servers, now is a good time to hunt these Intels.

In our guide, will point you to the details as to where the Intels are. If you have any questions or concerns, please drop us a comment.

SOCOM 4 – First Strike

1. After leaving the highway, locate the intel on top of the table in the Cafe
2. The intel is located on the south side of the street where the artillery resides. It’s on top of one of the tables.
3. The last intel for this mission is located on the table with the closed umbrella. The tables are near the artillery.

SOCOM 4 – Rendevous

1. Before you meet up with 707th, the Intel is located on the stove in front of the destroyed building.
2. As you head your way to the AA battery, the second Intel can be located in front of the first building that you encounter on the left. It is next to the the ammo crate.
3. The third Intel is located inside the Barn on top of the table as you proceed to the AA .

SOCOM 4 – White Tiger

1. After taking out the second soldier inside the building, the Intel is near the back door.
2. On the street across you where the open room is located, the Intel is placed on the table in the corner beside the gun,
3. Following your route to the control room, head left and you will find the Intel on the crate at the back.

SOCOM 4 – Leviathan

1. On the hill that you approach from where the level started, a portal building is located. In the building closest to you, the intel is on the crate on the far side of the building.
2. You will find a ship on the starboard side. Just outside of it will be an intel located near the fence.
3. After getting off the ship, an Intel can be located near the ammo crate.

SOCOM 4 – Benefaction

1. Following the ambus, cross the bridge and go up to a hill where you will find a Tent. Inside of the tent will be the first Intel for this mission.
2. On the beach west of the vehicles you destroyed, the intel is under the camouflage tarp.
3. Another Intel can be located just below the hill on the crate.

SOCOM 4 – Fluid Dynamics

1. After entering the gate, the intel is located above the two crates.
2. The second intel is located on a crate beside the window near the stairs.
3. Inside the control room, the third intel is right above the panel.

SOCOM 4 – Safe House

1. After climbing the stairs on the roof, the intel is on the small wooden cluster near the lightening barrel.
2. Get past the three guards and the second intel is located on the barrel in the room.
3. Moving along the path between the two buildings, you will find the Intel on an opened crate.

SOCOM 4 – Means to An End

1. Go inside the building an the intel can be found on the dark cornered room of the building. It is on top of the crate.
2. Go around the HQ building and turn right from the car to collect the Intel that is on the container within the wall.
3. The last intel for this mission is on the second floor of the Naga HQ. It is on top of the table.

SOCOM 4 – Onslaught

1. While doing the Clawhammer objective, look for the Intel on the small cage.
2. Before you head for the bridge, the Intel is right on the cluster of wooden rods on the right side.
3. As you are escoring allies, the intel is on one of the open buildings. It is located on the barrel.

SOCOM 4 – Revelation

1. After killing the guard on the typing desk inside the building, the Intel is located beside the laptop.
2. After reaching the checkpoint, head left. Kill the guard and take the Intel on the crates.
3. After entering the Changar Battary, the intel is on the table at the corner on the opposite side of the stairs.

SOCOM 4 – Turning Point

1. After you take care of the guard in the building, the intel is located on the crates to the left. You will have to move around to get to it.
2. Head inside the battery building, move left, and the Intel will be on the two paired boxes in the room.
3. As soon as you climbed the stairs in the Comms Building, the intel is located on the small table beside the computer.

SOCOM 4 – Uninvited Guest

1. As soon as you see the missiles near the first camp, the intel is on the crate beside the missiles.
2. The second intel is located on the crates where you have to distract the guards.
3. While heading for the extraction point, you can find the intel placed on a table on the second floor.

SOCOM 4 – Countdown

1. Check out the Intel right beneath the big statue.
2. Look for the crate near the tracker on the forklift.
3. Inside the Clawhammer Base, the intel is just right on the table.

SOCOM 4 – Animus

1. On the building that you see before the park, the intel is located on the table to your left that is near the assault rifle.
2. The second intel is on one of the tables with the umbrellas on the right.
3. In the parking area, the intel is on one of the windows.

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