Mortal Kombat – Krypt Unlock Locations Guide

With Mortal Kombat now available in major consoles, it’s time to reveal that the game holds many secrets and one of them are the items that you can unlock in the Krypt.

To celebrate the release of Mortal Kombat, we would like to reveal the full list of available unlocks on the Krypt that can be found in Mortal Kombat.

Check back our Mortal Kombat review later this week. If you just picked up Mortal Kombat, here’s a handy dandy Krypt Unlock Locations guide.

Deadlands #1-121

Headless Kombat Kode
Temple Music
Johhny Cage Fatality Sketch
Dead Pool Concept
Jade Fatality Half Mast
Styker Costume Concept
Reptile Alternate Costume Concept
Pit (Night) Concept
Wasteland Music
Blocking Disabled Kode
Cyber Sub-Zero Concept
Jumping Disabled Kode
Evil Monastery Concept
itana Costume Concept
Jonny Cage Alternate Costume Concept
Rooftop (Dawn) Concept
No Blood Kode
Hell Speed Painting 2
Sonya Fatality Sketch
Scorpion Shadow Render
Ermac Fatality Pest Control
Tormentor Model
Sektor Fatality Sketch
Noob Saibot Costume Concept
Dark Kombat Kode
Armory Music
Sonya Costume Concept
Sheeva Alternate Costume Concept
TaiGore Concept
Kano Fatality Sketch
Raiden Render
Hyper Fighting Kode
Armory Concept
Baraka Alternate Damage Concept
Scorpion Fatality Sketch
Mileena Revel Render
Kabal Fatality It Takes Guts
Courtyard (Night) Concept
Jax Costume Concept
Baraka Alternate Costume Concept
Sindel Render
Flesh Pits Concept
Health Recovery Kode
Scoprion Revel Render
Dead Pool Victim Concepts
Ermac Costume Concept
Sketor Alternate Costume Concept
Courtyard (Night) Music
Courtyard Speed Painting 2
Combos Disabled Code
Scorpion Costume Concept
Kano Costume Concept
Hell Fatality Sketch
Shao Kahn’s Throne Room Concept
DeadPool Speed Painting 1
Stryker Alternate Costume Concept
Desert Speed Painting 2
Rooftop (Dusk) Music
Armory Speed Painting 2
Graveyard Speed Painting 1
Desert Music
Sindel Costume Concept
Quan Chi Alternate Costume Concept
Kabal Fatality Sketch
Shao Kahn Render
DeadPool Speed Painting 2
Pit (Day) Concept
Koliseum Speed Painting 2
Kitana Alternate Costume Concept
Kabal Costume Concept
Graveyard Music
Desert Speed Painting 1
Disable Forground Objects Kode
Sub-Zero Render
Flesh Pits Speed Painting 1
Kabal Fatality Sketch
Goro’s Lair Speed Painting 1
Jade Render
Johhny Cage Fatality And The Winner Is…
Retro Sub-Zero Render
Flesh Pits Speed Painting 2
Sonya Alternate Damage Concept
Power Bars Disabled Kode
Shao Kahn Concept
Soul Chamber Music
Sheeva Damage Concept
Mileena costume Concept
Kabal Alternate Costume Concept
Noob Saibot Damage Concept
Courtyard (Day) Concept
Smoke Costume Concept
Jax Fatality Three Points!
Ermac Alternate Damage Concept
Shao Kahn’s Throne Room Music
Bell Tower Speed Painting 1
Psycho Kombat Kode
Bell Tower Speed Painting 2
Hell Music
Raiden Alternate Damage Concept
Raiden Costume Concept
Shang Tsung Alternate Costume Concept
Rooftop (Dusk) Concept
Kano Alternate Damage Concept
Cerberus Model
Unlimted Super Meter Kode
Sub-Zero Revel Render
Goro’s Lair Concept
Shang Tsun’s Garden (Night) Concept
Sindel Alternate Damage Concpet
Nightwolf Alternate Costume Concept
Courtyard Speed Painting 1
Graveyard Speed Painting 2
Dream Kombat Kode
Evil Monastery Music
Mileena Damage concept
Explosive Kombat Kode
Sheeva Alternate Damage Concept
Retro Scoprion Render
Scopion Alternate Costume Concept
Cyrax Fatality Nothing But Net
Living Forest Speed Painting 1

Bloodmarsh #1 – 83

Living Forest Speed Painting 2
Mileena Fatality Rip Off
Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Concept A
Evil Monastery Speed Painting 2
Noob Saibot Alternate Costume Concept
Sonya Render
Noob Saibot Alternate Damage Concept
Noob Saibot Fatality As One
Dragon Concept
Retro Ermac Render
Rainbow Kombat Kode
Kung Lao Alternate Damage Concept
Sektor Costume Concept
Raiden Fatality Transplant
Shang Tsung Damage Concept
Shang Tsung’s Throne room Music
Temple Speed Painting 2
Jax Damage Concept
Sindel Alternate Costume Concept
Deal pool Music
Sub-Zero Costume Concept
Rooftop (Dusk) Speed Painting
Kitana Fatality Splitting Headache
Street Concept
Shao Kahn’s Throne Room Speed Painting 1
Smoke Fatality Tremor
NightWolf Costume Concept
Soul Chamber Speed Painting 1
Ermac Damage Concept
Sans Power Kode
Liu Kang Costume Concept
Soyna Damage Concept
Shang Tsung’s Garden Speed Painting 2
Liu Kang Alternate Damage Concept
Sonya Fatality Kut-Throat
Soul Chamber Speed Painting 2
Mileena Shadow Render
Kung Lao Alternate Costume Concept
Street Painting 2
Nekropolis Concept 2
Silent Kombat Kode
Living Forest Music
Parasite Victims
Sindel Fatality Mouthful
Liu Kang Render
Deadlands Concept 2
Specials Disabled Kode
Liu Kang Damage Concept
Meadow of Despair Concept 1
Jade Alternate Costume Concept
Temple Speed Painting
Jade Damage Concept
Evil Monastry Speed Paitning
Super Recovery Kode
Nightwolf Alternate Damage Concept
Wasteland Speed Painting 2
Stryker Fatality Have a Blast
Baraka Costume Concept
Nekropolis Concept 1
Throwing Encouraged Kode
Temple Concept
Shang Tsung’s Garden (Night) Music
Cyber Sub-Zero Fatality Brain Freeze
Tournament Mode Kode
Subway Speed Paitning 1
Reptile Fatality Sketch
Goro Damage Concept
Ermac Alternate Costume Concept
Wasteland Concept
Meadow of Despair concept 3
Shang Tsung’s Throw Room Speed Painting 1
Scorpion Fatality Nether-Gate
Hallow of Infestation Concept 1
Scorpion Fatality Sketch
Cyrax Render
Reptile Damage Concept
Zombie Kombat Kode
Subway Concept
Rooftop (Day) Speed Painting 1
Koliseum Music
Reptile Costume concept
Smoke Alternate Costume Concept
Mileena Alternate Damage Concept

Meadow of Despair #1-55

Rooftop (Dusk) Speed Painting 1
Nightwolf Fatality Ascension
Living Forest Trees
Flesh Pits Music
Nekropolis Concept 6
Cyrax Alternate Costume Concept
Cyrax Costume Concept
Nekropolis Concept 3
Armless Kombat Kode
Rooftop (Dawn) Speed Painting
Sektor Fatality The Scarecrow
Jax Alternate Damage Concept
Meadow of Despair Concept 2
Raiden Alternate Costume Concept
Street Speed Painting 1
Rooftop (Dawn) Speed Painting
Breakers Disabled Kode
Pit Bottom Concept
Hallow of Infestation Concept 2
Johnny Cage Costume Concept
Sheeva Fatality Lend A Hand
Desert Concept
Kitana Alternate Damage Concept
Jade Alternate Damage Concept
Kano Alternate Costume Concept
Rooftop (Day) Speed Painting 2
Retro Reptile Render
Throwing Disabled Kode
Shang Tsung’s Throw Room Concept B
Shang Tsung’s Garden Speed Painting 1
Kung Lao Fatality Razor’s Edge
Kitana Damage Concept
Subway Music
Kano Damage Concept
Baraka Damage Concept
Jax Alternate Costume Concept
Goro Render
Early Krypt Enterance Concept 3
Invisible Kombat Kode
Jax Render
Blood Marsh Concept 2
Reptile Fatality Weight Loss
Hell Concept
Shao Kahn’s Throne Room Speed Painting 2
Vampire Kombat Kode
Scoprion Damage Concept
Double Dash
Kitana Render
Skeletal Statues
Sub-Zero Shadow Render
Sub-Zero Fatality Spinal Smash
Pit (Night) Music
Ermac Render
Sub-Zero Alternate Costume Concept
Scorpion Render

Hollow of Infestation #1-40

Koliseum Concept
Kung Lao Costume Concept
Koliseum Speed Painting
Baraka Fatality Take A Spin
Living Forest Concept
Street Music
Shao Kahn Damage Concept
Liu Kang Alternate Costume Concept
Cyrax Alternate Damage Concept
Rooftop (Day) Concept
Graveyard Concept
Shang Tsung Fatality Identity Theft
Shang Tsung Alternate Damage Concept
Armory Speed Painting
Enhance Moves Disabled
Soul Chamber Concept
Jade Costume Concept
Kano Fatality Eat Your Heart Out
Goro’s Lair Speed Painting 2
Sheeva Costume Concept
Subway speed Painting 2
Sonya Alternate costume Concept
Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Speed Painting 2
X-Rays Disabled Kode
Executioner concepts
Bell Tower Music
Shang Tsung’s Garden (Day) Concept
Liu Kang Fatality The Beast Within
Bell Tower Concept
Quan Chi Fatality Sketch
Reptile Alternate Damage Concept
Sektor Damage Concept
Mileena Alternate Costume Concept
Shang Tsung Costume Concept
Courtyard (Day) Music
Johnny Cage Damage Concept
Quick Uppercut Recovery Kode
Goro’s Lair Music
Quan Chi Fatality On Your Knees
Sindel Damage Concept

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