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Killzone 3 Receiving v1.04 Patch Next Week

Sometime next week, Killzone 3 will receive another patch that improves and adds smoother gameplay for anyone that plays the multiplayer portion of the game. Read More »

GDC 11: Sony Shows Off More From Its NGP

The Game Developers Conference 2011 is under way at San Francisco and Sony showed more about what its NGP is capable of. Read More »

Saints Row: The Third Announced

THQ has announced that Saints Row: The Third will be coming later this year as revealed by Game Informer magazine. Read More »

GDC 11: Resistance 3 Multiplayer supports 16 Players

Insomniac Games revealed today the first details in Resistance 3 multiplayer component. For gamers who are hoping to have a 24-players competitive multiplayer, prepare to be disappointed. Read More »

Call of Duty: Black Ops Demo Is Now Out

Activision has just announced that a playable single-player demo for Call of Duty: Black Ops is now available for you to download. Read More »

The Next Call of Duty Title Won’t Be On A New Engine

Robert Bowling has today announced that the next Infinity Ward Call of Duty title will remain on the same engine, as previous COD titles. Read More »

Sony Finds Loophole In EU Import Ban

When it was first announced LG had put a ban on Sony importing PS3s to Europe many were fearing the worst; that stock might start to dry out, however, it now appears Sony have found a way to bypass... Read More »

PS3 Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Arriving in 2 Weeks

EA have announced the multiplayer demo for Crysis 2 on the PS3 will be arriving on March 15th. Read More »

Atlus USA Reveals Catherine Screenshots

Atlus revealed today a decent amount of screenshots for their upcoming Catherine on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Read More »

GDC 11: Netflix Coming to the Nintendo 3DS

In addition to the DSi Ware and other other applications that the 3DS will have this May, Iwata announced today that not only the Wii is getting Netflix service, but the upcoming Nintendo 3DS as well. Read More »

GDC 11: Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Arriving this June

Despite of not having a Zelda or a Mario game on the day the Nintendo 3DS launches in North America this month, at least the Ocarina of Time is set for release this June. Read More »

Upcoming Modern Warfare 2 Patch Doesn’t Add Balance

Infinity Wards community manager, Robert Bowling, has confirmed that the upcoming patch for Modern Warfare 2 will only focus on removing the hacking, from the title. Read More »

GDC 11: Super Mario 3D Coming to the Nintendo 3DS, More on E3

Satoru Iwata revealed today that a Super Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS is coming, which was first hinted by Miyamoto last month. Read More »

GDC 11: Nintendo 3DS to Have DSi Ware, Virtual Console and 3D Classics

Nintendo is pleased to reveal today that starting late May, the Nintendo 3DS will receive a worldwide firmware update that adds a lot of functionality including DSi Ware, Virtual Console, and 3D Classics. Read More »

Dead Space 2: Severed Trophy & Achievement Guide

As mentioned before, the release of Dead Space 2: Severed gave trophy and achievement hunters out there another set of trophies to collect. Read More »

New Battlefield 3 Screenshots Released

EA has released two screenshots alongside the first in-game footage. Read More »

ModNation Racers Becomes A Greatest Hit With Over 2 Million Creations

Sony announced on its PlayStation Blog, that ModNation Racers has become a PS3 Greatest Hit. Read More »

GDC 11: Battlefield 3’s First In-Game Footage

EA revealed today the first-in game footage of the much highly anticipated Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3. Read More »

Sony Releasing Dual Charger Kit And A Candy Blue PS3 Controller

Sony has announced some new 1st party PlayStation 3 peripherals earlier today. Read More »

Beyond Good & Evil HD Review

Beyond Good & Evil HD Review

Back when Beyond Good & Evil was released on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Gamecube and PC in 2003, it didn't get the attention it so richly deserved. The choice of prioritizing Prince of Persia: Sands in Time resulted in... Read More »

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