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The 3rd Birthday Hands-On

The 3rd Birthday is the third installment in the Parasite Eve franchise that was released back for the PSOne console. Releasing exclusively on the PSP, The 3rd Birthday gives fans of the series a slightly new type of gameplay... Read More »

Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3 Getting a Patch Next Week, Disables Hacking

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling announced today that a patch will be coming on March 8th that basically the addresses the issue of hacking on Modern Warfare 2. Read More »

Stunning New Dark Souls Screenshots Emerges, “Beacon Fire” Detailed

As we patiently wait for Dark Souls to arrive in North America, Namco Bandai and From Software released new screenshots today that shows off some of the bosses we can expect. Read More »

Black Ops Gets a New Patch for the PS3 v1.07

Josh Olin of Treyarch revealed today that a new patch is now available for download for those who plays Black Ops on the PlayStation 3. Read More »

Pokemon Black & White Version Review

Pokemon Black & White Version Review

Pokemon has become a phenomenal hit for Nintendo over the last decade and a half. Every two years since the original Pokemon Blue and Red were released back in Japan in 1996, a new Pokemon game comes out. As... Read More »

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Zipper Interactive Reveals More SOCOM 4 Beta Details & Bomb Squad Mode

Over at the Official US PlayStation Blog, Zipper Interactive revealed today new details on the SOCOM 4 Beta and the new Bomb Squad mode in the multiplayer portion of the game. Read More »

Black Ops Double XP Weekend Starts Today

To celebrate the release of the First Strike DLC on the PlayStation 3, another Double XP weekend is on its way today starting at 10AM PST. Read More »

GDC 11: Epic would “love” to release Gears on the PlayStation 3

Gears of War 3 is one of the Xbox 360’s most anticipated exclusive titles of 2011; but when asked about seeing the Gears trilogy on the PlayStation 3, Epic Games’ President still said he wants it “to be everywhere”. Read More »

Gamestop Gives Out Gears of War 3 Beta Code for Your Pre-Order

For those who decided not to pick up Bulletstorm but would like to participate in the upcoming beta of Gears of War 3, you might want to head to your local Gamestop. Read More »

Koch Media announced World Snooker Championship Real 2011

Koch Media has today announced World Snooker Championship Real 2011 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Read More »

New Dead Island Bloody Screenshots

The teaser trailer of Deep Silver's Dead Island got everyone excited due to its emotional and powerful scene but it fails in showing some of its gameplay. Read More »

Splinter Cell 3DS Teaser Trailer

Ubisoft revealed this week a teaser trailer for the Splinter Cell 3D exclusively made for the Nintendo 3DS. Read More »

GDC 11: Bungie Reveals Its Making An MMO

Halo developer Bungie revealed at GDC 11 the genre of what its next game will be. Read More »

Pokemon Black & White Version Differences

As we head closer to the release date of the highly anticipated Pokemon Black & White for the Nintendo DS, many trainers are wondering, what's the difference between the two versions? Read More »

PlayStation Plus Members To Get An Exclusive Early Mortal Kombat Demo

Today Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios have confirmed that PlayStation Plus members will get exclusive early access to a Mortal Kombat demo. Read More »

PSP Go Gets a Price Drop

Following the price drop of the PSP 3000 last week, the PSP Go seems to be getting the same treatment, dropping its price to $149.99. Read More »

L.A Noire – the “Naked City” Trailer

Rockstar Games released today a new video of L.A Noire that focuses on a case entitled, The Naked City. Read More »

Activision Doesn’t Plan To Unban PS3 Players

With the release of the First Strike DLC on the PlayStation 3 today, it seems that Activision and Treyarch has no intention of unbanning PS3 users that was found cheating in the past. Read More »

Get Victini in Pokemon Black & White for a Limited Time!

The moment you pick up Pokemom Black or White this Sunday, March 6th in North America, an insert will be included that tells you how to get Victini, a rare Pokemon. Read More »

Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Now Available on the PS3

As the time exclusivity of First Strike DLC on the Xbox 360 expires, Activision is pleased to announced today that the DLC is now available on the PS3 as well. Read More »

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